i’m going to bed now goodnight

how the fuck did i even end up here


i was looking at stuff i could sell

and then i started looking at stuff i want to buy

i already own this fucking game

what am i even doing anymore

look at this though i could legally own the ds version of ghost trick for just



i was looking on amazon to see what the stuff i want to sell is going for right now and i got distracted and started looking up stuff i want to buy i hate amazon it’s a like everything i’ve ever wanted to buy but can’t afford because i don’t have a source of income


No man should have all that


Teddie/Kuma being cute as heck (✿◠‿◠)
Requested by hugtower

okay these are really crappy pictures but this is all of the manga i have under a read more and i’d be willing to sell most of these

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